In our last post, we were discussing the facts associated with couples therapy and marriage counseling for those Southlake couples seeking help. We touched upon a few very positive statistics concerning the success rate of counseling. But, not all couples therapy or marriage counseling sessions will end with a reconciliation. But this does not mean that the counseling sessions were a failure, it just means sometimes the best course of action is one in which a couple goes their separate ways. After all, the ultimate goal of therapy is to seek a solution that makes everybody happy in the long term.

When considering whether or not marriage...


You might be wondering if seeking couples therapy in Southlake is a good idea. There is a whole lot of information concerning the success rate of marriage counseling, but all too often people are inclined to believe the rumors as opposed to relying on the facts. That is, your perception of what couples therapy might be completely opposite the reality of marriage counseling. But one thing for sure, while marriage counseling might bring two sweethearts back together in wedded bliss, it might be the deciding factor that leads to a separation or divorce. After all, not all marriages will stand the test of time, regardless how willing both parties want it to work. So whether you have had a few bumps along the way in your relationship or your marriage is already on the rocks, here are some...


Every relationship is bound to experience both the highs and the lows. This is quite normal. But determining whether your marriage is experiencing a small bump or if it is something more serious is no small task. If you are asking yourself these tough questions, it might be time to seek marriage counseling from a Southlake therapist.

Marriages tend to change over the course of time especially if there are other circumstances present or a major transition is happening. For example, you might be feeling the stresses of having another child or perhaps your spouse is back in college pursuing a graduate degree. A good marriage counselor can help you get through these difficult periods so you and your partner can regain your focus on each other.

If you are sailing through life...


As a kid, you probably kicked and screamed all the way to your dentist appointment. This resistance was understandable, as it was based on all the horrible things you heard from friends and classmates. That is, dentist visits meant pain, tears, uncontrollable drooling and a cheap toothbrush as a reward. But you soon realized the minor discomfort suffered at the hand of your dentist greatly outweighed the pain you would likely suffer having to deal with a cavity or worse.

For many, seeking family counseling in Southlake is much like going to the dentist. We resist seeking help simply based on misunderstandings. If these were cleared up, you wouldn’t be so hesitant about seeking a therapist.

One of the most common barriers that prevent people from seeking the help they need...


Addictions affect the family and loved ones as well as the community in general and often leads to dysfunction, strained relationships, unemployment and even worse. According to numerous studies, well over 20 million people right here in the United States are addicted to or dependent on alcohol or a wide range of drugs. However, there are also millions of more Americans who are addicted to things and activities that are outside the scope of drugs and alcohol. It is technically true that you can be addicted to just about anything and you can engage in these things in an addictive manner.

When the general population thinks about an addict, they will often associate them with a derelict existing on the margins of society. The reality is that addictions can happen to anybody at any...


When people get married, all too many assume it will be a fairytale. You meet “the one,” have a wonderful and fulfilling courtship, get married on the perfect day of your life and simply live happily ever after. But not all marriages wind up as fairytales. Many couples go into a relationship without the tools to manage the challenges that come with every marriage. If you have been experiencing difficulties in your relationship, Southlake couples therapy can help. But just when should you consider therapy? Here are a few trigger points and behaviors that are signs you need help.

Many relationship issues begin and end with communication. Once communication between a couple has deteriorated, it is all too difficult to get it back on track without the help of a therapist. There are...


Contrary to the popular and outdated belief that only crazy people seek the services of a therapist, many families and individuals discover that working with a mental health professional is of great value. That is, seeking family counseling or individual counseling from a Southlake therapist is a sound decision. The stigma of seeking the help of a qualified therapist is quickly dissipating as the merits of a skilled professional have shown through time after time. Here are a few common reasons individuals seek the help of a therapist.

Major life events such as deaths, divorces, health issues and financial crisis are all reasons to have us concerned. We deal with stress on a daily basis, but when it seems the world is closing in around you, it is time to seek help. It is important...


People who suffer from addiction have no control over what they are doing, taking or using. Their addiction, whatever it may be, may reach a point at which there are harmful effects. Additions are not limited to the things we consume, like alcohol and drugs, but may include virtually anything, even abstract actions like gambling and harmless products like chocolate. Counseling is recommended for Southlake residents who suffer an addiction. But some people still wonder what constitutes an addiction.

An addiction must meet at least three of the following criteria:

Tolerance– Do you use more drugs or alcohol over the course of time. That is, do you need more drugs or alcohol now than you did several months or years ago.

Withdrawal– When...


You may be an otherwise happily married couple who happens to find yourselves in the middle of some difficult communication problems. She feels that he simply gets over issues more quickly so talking about them doesn’t do any good anyway and he feels she never listens to what he has to say. Classic communication impasse. This is no way to continue a relationship. But just what is expected when you seek couples therapy with your Southlake therapist?

The challenge most couples face are often just a result of a few patterns between them. Your therapist will help you both recognize the negative patterns that you have fallen into and how they manifest in a relationship. These negative cycles can be resolved through marriage counseling. In identifying the patterns, you will feel...


We all know just how difficult romantic relationships are to maintain. In some sense, relationships are like cars, they require regular maintenance to keep them properly running. And we all know it is best to have your car fixed as soon as you notice there is a problem with it. Sometimes, we do these repairs ourselves and everything turns out just fine. But other times, despite our best efforts, we need to turn to marriage counseling in Southlake.

Realizing you need counseling is a big step and means you are taking your responsibilities seriously. Fish don’t realize they are wet. They live in that little fishbowl and never get an outside perspective. If you are in a relationship, it is difficult to get a perspective of your relationship from the outside. You need a different...


The chances are pretty good that you know a family, friend or family member who is in therapy, which is really of little surprise. While therapy has traditionally been associated with individuals or couples, more and more we are seeing entire families enter counseling sessions. There are plenty of reasons Southlake residents seek family counseling, here are just a few.

Black Sheep– Many families seek therapy because a member becomes such a bother they feel they need a therapist to resolve the issues. The family member in question could be a rebellious teenager or alcoholic father.

Abuse– If a family is experiencing any form of abuse, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. What people often overlook is the fact the verbal abuse is...


If you know a lot of Southlake people who are in couples therapy, it is because the stigma of marriage counseling, or therapy in general, has greatly diminished over the years. Seeking therapy for anything from an alcohol addiction to family counseling is not a trend, it is a way to better your life as well as the lives of those close to you. And while many of the reasons couples seek therapy are quite obvious, people also seek the services of a therapist for under publicized reasons.

Loss of Attraction to Your Spouse– Over the years, you seemed to have lost any physical excitement or pleasure when your spouse is around. You have lost the desire to touch them and wonder if it is due to hormones, age or something else.