Counseling is Recommended for Southlake Residents Who Suffer an Addiction

People who suffer from addiction have no control over what they are doing, taking or using. Their addiction, whatever it may be, may reach a point at which there are harmful effects. Additions are not limited to the things we consume, like alcohol and drugs, but may include virtually anything, even abstract actions like gambling and harmless products like chocolate. Counseling is recommended for Southlake residents who suffer an addiction. But some people still wonder what constitutes an addiction.

An addiction must meet at least three of the following criteria:

Tolerance– Do you use more drugs or alcohol over the course of time. That is, do you need more drugs or alcohol now than you did several months or years ago.

Withdrawal– When you stop using, do you experience emotional or physical symptoms. For example, have you suffered vomiting, shakes, sweats, nausea or anxiety. Keep in mind that emotional withdrawal is just as critical as the physical symptoms.

Limited Control– You may experience a time when you drink more or take more drugs than you desire. You find it difficult to stop after two or three drinks as you need more to feel the effects. You do this even though you are quite aware of the regret you will have the next day.

Consequence– You drink or do drugs even though you know it has negative consequences to your well-being, mood, family and job.

Time and Energy– You spend a significant amount of time planning, concealing and obtaining whatever you use.

Desire to Quit– You have made at least an attempt to quit your addiction.

If this list hits too close to home, give us a call.