What is Expected When You Seek Couples Therapy With a Southlake Therapist?

You may be an otherwise happily married couple who happens to find yourselves in the middle of some difficult communication problems. She feels that he simply gets over issues more quickly so talking about them doesn’t do any good anyway and he feels she never listens to what he has to say. Classic communication impasse. This is no way to continue a relationship. But just what is expected when you seek couples therapy with your Southlake therapist?

The challenge most couples face are often just a result of a few patterns between them. Your therapist will help you both recognize the negative patterns that you have fallen into and how they manifest in a relationship. These negative cycles can be resolved through marriage counseling. In identifying the patterns, you will feel empowered and able to step back from conflicts as they occur. You both will also learn how to emphasize the strengths in your relationship and how to better nourish them.

Once the negative pattern has been identified and shown how it affects your relationship, your therapist will assist you in changing it. Understanding the context of you and your partner’s reactions can help deepen your feelings of empathy towards each other. Communicating then becomes a little easier.

Finally, your therapist will help you integrate the changes you both have made. You might learn how to interact in a way that meets the other’s needs or you might make connections that make you feel closer to each other.

Discover better ways to increase communication with your partner. Seek a therapist today.