When do You Come to the Realization You Need Couples Therapy with a Qualified Southlake Therapist?

There is no doubt about it, marriages can be a challenging institution. Much like any new and shiny items you buy that will become scratched and otherwise damaged from constant use, your marriage could be showing its own wear and tear. But just when do you come to the realization you need couples therapy with a qualified Southlake therapist? Here are a few signs you may want to consider couples counseling.

Lack of Communication- When you come to a point where nobody is willing or able to talk about their problems, family counseling can help break down the communications barriers. From money to sex, these can become difficult and touchy subjects couples eventually fail to discuss at all.

Negative Changes in Sex Life- When there is a loss of intimacy in a relationship, couples therapy is a viable option.

Finances- One of the top reasons couples find themselves in therapy is due to issues with finances. Often, it’s once spouse that keeps the other in the dark concerning financial matters. It could also be the need for one spouse to control all financial matters. Either way, help is available.

Children- Kids can add a whole lot of stress to a relationship. If there is disagreement on how the children should be raised, seeking counseling is a good idea.

Traumatic Event- If there has been a traumatic event in your lives, like an affair or the loss of a child, therapy could offer the means of letting go or moving on.

If you feel couples counseling could help your situation, schedule an appointment today.