Kevin O.

After being in detox for 6 days I got released by the Dr. with no meds and no after care nothing, didn't know where to turn I started calling therapist and with no luck with call backs from anyone. I decided to give one more person a try which was Carney. I really wasn't sure because of his google profile pic almost turned me away cause he appeared a little creepy but I’m glad I didn't let myself judge a book by its cover. Michael Carney has been a blessing to my family from the day I met him I felt comfortable with him with my life in his hands to guide me in the right direction. The first day I met him he set me up with everything I needed to do that I didn’t know before and got me a great psychiatrist as well. furthermore my wife and I are eventually going to start couples therapy with him as well. If you have any issues that you feel you need a therapist I highly recommend Michael Carney!