Testimonial Continued

"Michael is Highly Qualified"

Michael’s been my therapist for the past two years and has significantly helped me in different aspects of my life.

One of the ways Michael’s helped me has been by giving me career advice. Ever since meeting Michael, he’s giving me some tools and helped me get to where I want to me. I’ve achieved several milestones in my line of work and I can say that Michael contributed to that.

The past two years Michael has also helped me on an emotional level as well. Throughout high school I’ve tried seeing 3-5 different therapists. When I met Michael, not only did he help me produce successful results in my life, but I wanted to come back and continually see him. He has been able to create a dynamic where I enjoy working on myself with him as my therapist.

I would highly recommend Michael’s as a therapist for many reasons. He is a highly qualified therapist and most of his clients make progress. He has always made me feel comfortable as a client as well. In regards to goals and progress, Michael has a strong ability to assess his clients and meet them where they’re at in life and help them get to where they want to be.

Glenn K.