1. There are Plenty of Reasons Southlake Residents Seek Family Counseling

    The chances are pretty good that you know a family, friend or family member who is in therapy, which is really of little surprise. While therapy has traditionally been associated with individuals or couples, more and more we are seeing entire families enter counseling sessions. There are plenty of reasons Southlake residents seek family counseling, here are just a few. Black Sheep- Many families s…Read More

  2. If You Know a Lot of Southlake People Who are in Couples Therapy, It is Because the Stigma has Greatly Diminished

    If you know a lot of Southlake people who are in couples therapy, it is because the stigma of marriage counseling, or therapy in general, has greatly diminished over the years. Seeking therapy for anything from an alcohol addiction to family counseling is not a trend, it is a way to better your life as well as the lives of those close to you. And while many of the reasons couples seek therapy are …Read More

  3. When do You Come to the Realization You Need Couples Therapy with a Qualified Southlake Therapist?

    There is no doubt about it, marriages can be a challenging institution. Much like any new and shiny items you buy that will become scratched and otherwise damaged from constant use, your marriage could be showing its own wear and tear. But just when do you come to the realization you need couples therapy with a qualified Southlake therapist? Here are a few signs you may want to consider couples co…Read More